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I am looking for new couples who want fun and intimate engagement photos who don’t mind being a little adventurous with locations and are willing to laugh a ton.

This offer is only for 2-3 couples who are madly in love and are not afraid to show it and do what it takes to get EPIC engagement photos! The winners will be announced through e-mail.

This one of a kind engagement experience is completely free! Seriously!


Why? I’m Kayli, a fun loving and traveling wedding photographer local to Greensboro, NC, and I want to try out some exciting locations, experiment with amazing new techniques, and not have to worry about normal session expectations.

If this sounds like you and your fiance, fill out a submission form below and we’ll be in touch soon! (So be sure to look out for my e-mail.)


Instagram: @kaylilafon



We have a venue booked for our wedding.

We have a photographer booked for our wedding.

$3000 – $4000

$2000 – $3000

Less than $2000

$4000 +

City/urban locations

Natural, outdoor settings

The place we met/of importance to us

We trust your choice

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